Justice U

Because everyone should be well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to end human trafficking.

Justice U Delivers Meaningful Experiences & Impactful Outcomes

Research-based instructional approaches

Course content and activities are based on identified critical learning objectives, so the expected outcomes are always transparent and achievable. Most courses can be completed within 1 to 3 hours.

Global and local perspectives

All courses consider global perspectives and contexts, as well as localized realities and issues. Through both lenses, learners will be empowered to be thoughtful and effective.

Deep subject matter expertise

Content is based on years of research by the AFRJ and strong working relationships with direct service providers, government officials, law enforcement, survivors, and justice advocates everywhere.

Real-world application

Justice U courses are purposefully designed to help you understand and have an impact on issues happening right now, in your world.

Intuitive and mobile-friendly design

Our goal is to make your entire Justice U experience easy and intuitive so you can focus on building the knowledge and skills you need–and not on fighting technology.

Interactive activities

In Justice U courses, you’ll have many different ways to interact with what you’re learning–whether it’s diving deeper into a topic or applying recently formed knowledge in a new context.

Effective and inspiring partnerships

The AFRJ is thrilled to have close partners collaborating on the Justice U initiative, including Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change, the AFRJ Freedom Council, AFRJ Global Network, and more.

Digital badges and certifications

As you complete courses and milestones, you’ll earn badges and credentials, making it easy to mark your own progress, encourage others to pursue learning goals with Justice U, and clearly show evidence of your knowledge. Pass a course, earn a badge. Pass a full series, earn a digital certificate.

Free and premium courses

Justice U will offer free online courses, as well as premium courses. Fees for courses help the AFRJ to provide and expand Justice U content and services, as well as support our Global Network and initiatives.

Always With One GoalEnd human trafficking and protect the vulnerable

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  • Human Trafficking Awareness

  • Strategy to End Human Trafficking

  • My Role to End Human Trafficking


  • Human Trafficking Awareness & Strategy Certification

Justice U is an initiative of the AFRJ

The Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice® is committed to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

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